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History and The Story Of The Hotel

The absolute eternity of past times becomes meaningful until the extent that remaining experiences to the future. The memory of cities is among the pieces that create immortality. The buildings that have witnessed the past and establish the history itself appear in the places where everything about the human that passed-by reminds its existence, passes its torch to the future.

Designed by Architect Kemalettin Bey, Director of the Department of Construction and Restoration of the Ministry of Ottoman Foundations, Dördüncü Vakıf Han is one of the most important parts of the same rooted history as it stood as Legacy Ottoman Hotel.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, which continues its existence in splendour from its history, is among one of the last architectural works of the Ottoman Empire. The building was designed to meet the needs of office buildings in the region in 1911 and was used as a barracks by the French Allied Forces under the name of "Caserne Viktor" between 1920 - 1923. Legacy Ottoman Hotel continues its deep meaning that coming from its history with its grandeur in the present-day world, which is adjacent to the most important historical monuments of the city, is the only five-star hotel in the region.

One of the most important features of this magnificent structure is that the domes rising on both sides have the same design with the dome of Masjid al-Aqsa. Kemalattin Bey, who was called to Jerusalem in 1919 to carry out the repairs of the Masjid al-Aqsa Mosque, is thought to present the similarity during these departures.

In the face of the fantastic Bosphorus, in one side Hagia Sophia which is the world's one of the wonders to be seen, Bayezit Tower, New Mosque and the eastern station of the Orient Express, Sirkeci Station; in another side, Galata Tower overlooking the city and seagull shouts accompanying the ferry whistles... These are some of the features that are waiting for the Legacy Ottoman Hotel guests. You can feel like a hero of Agatha Christie, who has experienced all these things and became the subject of her novel as you witness thousands of years of history in the midst of historical Istanbul's time-consuming magic atmosphere.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, embracing every detail beautifies the life in the centre of the city, will be delighted to accompany you with the wonderful hospitality that will remain through your journey between the past and the future.

Hobyar Mah. Hamidiye Cad. No:16

Sirkeci / Istanbul / Turkey

☎: 0212 527 67 67

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Being located in the center of Istanbul, Legacy Ottoman Hotel allows you immediate access to Sirkeci where you can find Istanbul's most trendy eating, drinking and entertainment venues, you can discover many quality places with delicious Turkish and international cuisine. Taking in the magical sites of the Bosphorus, and passing the historical Galata bridge, follow a very pleasant hiking trail and walk to the mentioned historical sites along with other touristic places of Istanbul such as Taksim, İstiklal Caddesi, Egyptian Market, Yerebatan Cistern and the Grand Bazaar.

All locations are also available by a short tram ride if you are not feeling energetic to walk the route.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, Istanbul truly is a place for you to experience the beauty of Istanbul, re-live a major element of the Ottoman History, enjoy a genuine Turkish culture and elevate your personal journey to the next level.